September 2016

Every weekend in September has been warm, calm and sunny at Glen Caladh, we are getting a very good impression of the climate.  It’s location on the loch keeps it sheltered from the wind.


Glen Caladh was abandoned for 10 years.  Duncan and I are relocating there from Edinburgh.  The past few weekends have featured adventuring, ditch digging, digging for drainage pipes, finding damp, this glasshouse, a fire, and George’s Oaty Apple and Bramble Crumble amongst many other things.  The glasshouse is home to a grape vine, the glasshouse I love after a weekend in it, I’ve cut a window in the hedge so I can see the loch.  A cherry tree has died in the bog that has replaced the vegetable garden RIP (I will bring you back).  My clippers have been busy and it feels like a lot of demolition and not enough love yet. I think the bramble spirit might come and get me, and the Rhododenron spirit too,  a more almighty enemy probably.   There is a bracken and bramble battle up the hill too and other demolition…but only to foster new life!